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5 Way To Handle Office Politics Smartly And Positively

Handle and Conquer Office Politics

 No matter whether you are in the corporate sector or in government posts, office politics are a fact in every workplace for sure. Mainly in corporate sectors and small scale, private companies office politics are most frequent that can lead to some serious situations and consequences. However, there are ways to avoid office politics or survive office politics of co-workers.

Ways to survive corporate office politics

            It is quite difficult to recognize office politics but with some minor ideas or strategies, one can probably survive them or even prevent them. Some of them are

Maintain good relations with coworkers: It is quite obvious that office politics in any department starts with bad rumors or dislikes from colleagues. Better to be friendly to all colleagues and cubicles to get closer to them and to know what they do outside of the office. Attend weekend parties and also relax with them in leisure time to maintain closure relationship with colleagues. In case of any argument of other colleagues, being silent is much better but complaining or passing negative comments will surely lead to opposing talks that will lead to dirty office politics.

Be genuine and supportive: The best way to manage office politics is to be genuine in your works or else in situations where you have to talk to superiors regarding the works. Don’t complaint negatively about your colleagues in any way to be good before superiors, this will surely lead to best impression and will start the office politics. Being silent is also considered genuine when it comes to supporting your cubicles.

Don’t be overexcited: It is not necessary to change the whole system and procedures just for you and thus be sportive and try to adjust in every environment and situation. Try to merge in every condition and just being perfect in your works will be enough for both gaining confidences of the superiors and also in getting closure to colleagues. Try to help your colleagues in their works to get closer and avoid any kind of conflicts between other colleagues.

Be skilled in interaction: Don’t speak unnecessarily with anyone and gossips are deadly in offices about other persons. If gossips reach the person whom you are speaking about, then the rumors against you will start to spread with that bad impression. Get to know whom to speak about what topic and avoid people who are always talking bad about other persons and creating bad rumors in the office.

Be patient: Don’t get too speedy in conversations with colleagues and don’t give every information about you in the first meeting. Be patient until getting closer to their ideologies and then reveal your secrets and opinions according to their reactions about your opinions and ideas.  

Understanding office politics is quite a tough job to do when you are a part of that group but being genuine and sportive will blow up any conflicts leading politics of the office for sure.

Monday, 15 October 2018

How to Earn Money Online from home without any Investment ?

The Internet is one of the best information access methods for billions of people all around the world. It is also emerging day by day and reaching corners of the world. All most 55% of the world population is able to access the Internet. Information access there are some brilliant ways to earn passive income by working from home itself. There are people who are earning from the Internet by doing various works online.

Here are some of the ways you can try to earn a good income.


This is one of the best methods to earn a good amount of money. Here, you just need to write blogs on your interested topic. When visitors all around the world visit and read your blog, you will be paid for Advertisements clicked by your visitor on your blog. You just need to open a Blogger account from which is totally free of cost and start writing on your interested topic. After a few months of your blogging, you can easily earn money from your home. But you need to work hard in your initial days.


This is also a great way to earn money online. Here, you earn money from the Advertisement for the product displayed on your website. When your visitor read your article and click on the link of the product displayed and buy the product on the affiliate website, you will be getting commissions. You can earn money from  and  affiliate sites. Just register in the affiliate sites and add your website to it. Post the affiliate product link from this site in your website.


This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You just need to complete some random surveys by giving your feedback or opinion for the product provided by the Survey Site. There is numerous Survey providing sites, but unfortunately, there are also lots of fake sites too. You need to choose a genuine Survey site to earn money in real.  and  are some of the genuine Survey providing sites where you can give it a try.


This is the most popular method of earning money online as there are loads of websites like,  where you can work according to your skills. Works like Designing, Content Writing, Website Development, SEO, Architectural Design and many more. You just need to register in the sites and apply for the works which suit you the best.

“How can money be earned through genuine online platforms? This question is boggling a mind of many people these days but with hard work and tenacity every willing person can earn money online. 

 Jack Ma Founder of Alibaba

Saturday, 15 September 2018

29 Indian States And Their Traditional Dress Styles

India is a diverse country with multifarious religions, cultures, and even historical backgrounds. This diversity is observed in the way, both men and women dress up. Though saree is said to be the pride of India and almost all women of different Indian states wore it, the style of wearing them differs. Same goes for the men and that is why the Indian clothing style isn’t fixed to a single dress code.

Let’s become familiar with the twenty-nine different Indian dressing styles!


Here, the women wear normal sarees with matching accessories. The men wear dhoti and kurta or a different color.


Women wear the famous muga or the mekhala chadar. Men wear dhoti kurta with a ghamcha. The fabrics used here are either the golden silk or the famous Muga. In the winter, Eri chadar and Mekhla chadar are the traditional wears for women.


Women wear a sleeveless dress called chemise with a slip or a skirt. They also pair the chemise with a full-sleeved coat to enhance the mountain beauty. Men wear lungi with a sleeveless shirt and top apparel.


Dhoti and kurta is the traditional dress for the men in Bihar and for women, it is the Tussar silk sarees. The men, sometimes, pair their dresses with turbans wrapped around the head.


Men wear different types of shirts known as Ghotuls, Abhuj Marias, Murias, and so on and pair it with dhoti and turban. The females wear full-length or knee-length sarees in bright colors. The fabrics ate mainly cotton and silk and they are painted with liquid, molten wax.


Ladies wear the Nav-Vari, a special name for the sarees. This designer saree form is studded with valuable stones and the ‘Pano Bhaju’. Men wear the normal dresses as other South-Indian states.


Females wear the salwar suit or the saree. Men wear dhotis and kurtas. Chania choli is the traditional wear of the women while Kedia is the men’s apparel in any social function.


Men wear dhoti and kurta along with pagri. Women wear the daman, ghagram odhni and the angia. They pair the dresses with matching silver colored or metallic jewellery pieces.


Men wear the dhoti kurta or pajama and couple it with a turban known as pagri. Women wear ghagra choli along with rahide and kurtas.


A pathani suit is the apparel men wear in Kashmir whereas women wear salwar or churidar with pheran. Women wear silver-colored jewellery pieces and adorn their forehead, neck, ears, and wrists with them.


Men wear the Bhagwan, a one-piece apparel if they live in a tribe. The nontribal men wear the kurta and pyjama. Women wear sarees with blouse.


Davani is the prime women outfit while men wear the panache dhoti. Ilakal saree is the traditional dresses for women made from the Mysore silk. Women drape the saree differently according to different zones of the state.


In Kerala, men wear a shirt and lungi with women wearing sarees with the broad hemline. This lungi is usually known as Kaili or the Kalli Mundu.


Men wear a shirt with a dhoti while women wear the lehenga choli with an odhni over their head. Men wear the ‘safa’ as a turban over their head.


Men wear dhoti known as the dhotar and pheta. Women wear the Nauwari saadi or the choli and saree. Lugdi is yet another name for the women’s apparel.


Men in this state wear dhoti with a jacket and a turban. Women wear the Innaphi and Phanek that is mainly worn like the sarong. The sarees usually have golden borders to highlight the hemline.


Women wear the traditional dresses of Mizoram, named Puan, which is white and black in color along with Puanchei. Men wear a long cloth of 7 by 5 feet in measurement. In winters, they drape an extra piece of clothing around their body.


Women wear the Jainsen, which is made of mulberry silk. Garo tribal men wear loincloth while men of the Khasi tribe wear a dhoti styled unstitched cloth.


Angami is the traditional dress for the women. It consists of a sleeveless shirt, the vatchi, and a petticoat, neikhro. Men wrap a shawl called as Ratapfe.


The saree in Orissa is known as Kataki sari and the Sambalpuri sari. Men usually wear the dhoti kurta with a gamucha.


Women wear the Punjabi suits also called Patiala suits or normal ghagra in Punjab while men wear the kurta pyjama or the tehmat.


Rajasthani men wear dhoti or pyjama with kurta and angrakha. They couple with a turban, which is locally known as safa. Women wear long skirt called as ghagra with a top known as kanchli and pair it odhni.


Men drape their body with a dress called Bakhu and fix it at their waist with a belt. Women do the same over a silk blouse that is called honju.


Men wear shirts with lungi while women wear their traditional attire, the Pavada. It is a saree with golden hemline worn with a short blouse.


In Telangana, women wear saree coupled with golden jewelry while men wear dhoti kurta.


In Tripura, men wear a shirt called Kubai and the towel like cloth is worn with the shirt is known as Rikutu Gamcha. Women drape a long, cotton cloth known as Rinai around their waist and couple it with a cotton shirt known as Risa.


The traditional dress code of Uttar Pradesh for women is sarees or salwar Suit. On the other hand, men wear kurta with dhoti or a pyajama.


The women wear a long gown usually known as ghagra and couple it with a choli and an odhni. Men wear dhoti or lungi coupled with a cotton shirt.


Women wear sarees usually made of pure cotton in a style known as ‘art poure’. Men wear Panjabi with dhoti or pyjamas. 


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Is it necessary to make a SEO friendly content in 2018 Web World ?

In today’s diverse and tough online business market, maintaining a prominent online presence and building customer loyalty has become a necessity for any online business. Sometime back no one imagined that there will be one more type of world which we could call a “WEB WORLD”. But these days’ people are becoming a vital part of this world.
Thus, nowadays everyone requires being familiar with the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for portraying their online presence. Every online business needs content describing all about that business. And in this content SEO plays a huge role in providing a high ranked place in this “WEB WORLD”.

If you want your business to reach top spots in search engines, the best way to do this is to create content based around specific keywords or targeted phrases. Following are the few steps to make your article search engine optimized and attain top ranking on all search engines.

 Keywords Selection

This is certainly the main step in making the article SEO friendly. SEO is mainly based on keywords and phrases. To make sure that the article always is displayed on the top, the keyword selection must be unique. With the unique keywords, your article on the website will be able to compete with other websites with similar content and help your page reach the first page of the search engines and hopefully also top positions. The keywords selected should have a higher volume, otherwise, there is no point in reaching the top positions in the search engines but having no relevant traffic. The relevant keywords, used correctly will help you achieve top positions while ensuring regular traffic

 Unique Text

Content is the fuel that drives the engine of search engine optimization. The best possible results can only be achieved if the content is unique, that is why it important to avoid copying text from other sources. Google has developed many advanced algorithms, which makes it very easy to detect plagiarism and take appropriate countermeasures in the form of dropping search engine rankings. The best way to avoid this is by creating original content using your own words, you should always check to see if parts of the articles are already present somewhere on the internet. For this purpose, you can use the software called
Copyscape or Google exact match service to find out if the article is plagiarised.

 Keyword Frequency

As the articles are generally written about a certain topic, the specific phrase is bound to repeat itself a few times in the text body. You also have to make sure that the keyword is not repeated too many times in the article. The best way to do this is to just write the article as you would without keeping the keywords in mind. The important thing to remember is that the density to be maintained for keywords is 6% and for specific key phrases is 3%.

Final Search Engine Optimisation

After following all the above steps, the article is almost ready to be published. There are certain tricks that you can use to make sure that the article is completely optimized. Just use bold, italic, etc to highlight the keywords a few times. Another way to highlight the text is to use header tags for titles and subtitles. The best possible alternative is to have the main keyword in the article title, enclosed in h1 header tag.

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