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Top 5 romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend without getting overboard

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5 Way To Handle Office Politics Smartly And Positively

Handle and Conquer Office Politics

No matter whether you are in the corporate sector or in government posts, office politics are a fact in every workplace for sure. Mainly in corporate sectors and small scale, private companies office politics are most frequent that can lead to some serious situations and consequences. However, there are ways to avoid office politics or survive office politics of co-workers.

Ways to survive corporate office politics
It is quite difficult to recognize office politics but with some minor ideas or strategies, one can probably survive them or even prevent them. Some of them are

Maintain good relations with coworkers: It is quite obvious that office politics in any department starts with bad rumors or dislikes from colleagues. Better to be friendly to all colleagues and cubicles to get closer to them and to know what they do outside of the office. Attend weekend parties and also relax with them in leisure time to maintain closure relationship with colleagues. …

How to Earn Money Online from home without any Investment ?

The Internet is one of the best information access methods for billions of people all around the world. It is also emerging day by day and reaching corners of the world. All most 55% of the world population is able to access the Internet. Information access there are some brilliant ways to earn passive income by working from home itself. There are people who are earning from the Internet by doing various works online.

Here are some of the ways you can try to earn a good income.
This is one of the best methods to earn a good amount of money. Here, you just need to write blogs on your interested topic. When visitors all around the world visit and read your blog, you will be paid for Advertisements clicked by your visitor on your blog. You just need to open a Blogger account from www.blogger.comwhich is totally free of cost and start writing on your interested topic. After a few months of your blogging, you can easily earn money from your home. But you need to wo…

29 Indian States And Their Traditional Dress Styles

India is a diverse country with multifarious religions, cultures, and even historical backgrounds. This diversity is observed in the way, both men and women dress up. Though saree is said to be the pride of India and almost all women of different Indian states wore it, the style of wearing them differs. Same goes for the men and that is why the Indian clothing style isn’t fixed to a single dress code.
Let’s become familiar with the twenty-nine different Indian dressing styles!
Here, the women wear normal sarees with matching accessories. The men wear dhoti and kurtaor a different color.

Women wear the famous muga or the mekhala chadar. Men wear dhoti kurta with a ghamcha.The fabrics used here are either the golden silk or the famous Muga. In the winter, Eri chadar and Mekhla chadar are the traditional wears for women.

Women wear a sleeveless dress called chemise with a slip or a skirt. They also pair the chemise with a full-sleeved coat to enhance the …

Is it necessary to make a SEO friendly content in 2018 Web World ?

In today’s diverse and tough online business market, maintaining a prominent online presence and building customer loyalty has become a necessity for any online business. Sometime back no one imagined that there will be one more type of world which we could call a “WEB WORLD”. But these days’ people are becoming a vital part of this world. Thus, nowadays everyone requires being familiar with the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)for portraying their online presence. Every online business needs content describing all about that business. And in this content SEO plays a huge role in providing a high ranked place in this “WEB WORLD”.
If you want your business to reach top spots in search engines, the best way to do this is to create content based around specific keywords or targeted phrases. Following are the few steps to make your article search engine optimized and attain top ranking on all search engines.
Keywords Selection

This is certainly the main step in making the article SEO fr…