Motivational Story of “Alibaba” Founder Jack Ma, The Richest Man in China

Quick Brief:

Name:               Jack Ma Chinese: 馬雲(Mǎ Yún)
Born:                 10 September 1964
Residence:         Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Occupation:       Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group
Net worth:          Increase US$39.1 billion
Spouse(s):           (Cathy Zhāng Yīng)
Children:            2 (1 Daughter & 1 Son)  

Early Life of Jack Ma 

Jack Ma [Chinese Name:馬雲 (Mǎ Yún) ] was born on 10th September, 1964 in Hangzhou City, China. He has an Older Brother and Younger sister; His family didn’t have well financial status when they were young. During his young age he had a deep interest to learn English and for that every morning he ride his bike for 45 (Forty Five) Minutes to reach nearby hotel and he give free guides to foreigners around the place at free of cost so that he could bring more perfection and fluency  in English.

Jack Ma Career Life 

His failure started in very early age during his School and he failed 2 times in Primary School, 3 times in middle school test and even 2 times during college entrance exam but he learnt more from his failure rather than traditional educational systems. After Graduating he applied more than 50 Jobs but he was rejected. However, he never underestimates the importance of studies and his passion towards English made him apply for Teacher’s Institute, Hangzhou – China.
In one of the Interview Jack Ma shared that when KFC came to China 24 Peoples applied for Job and all get selected except him, even when he applied for Harvard University he was rejected 10 times by them.
Jack Ma story of building “Alibaba” started in 1994 when he heard about Internet and that time he took assistance from his in US and he visited to meet his friend in 1995. Ma first online search was “Beer” but it didn’t work out and then he decided to found an internet company for China.
Jack Ma gathered his 17 friends in his apartment and convinced them to invest their fund into online marketplace called “Alibaba”. Alibaba allowed exporter to post Product listings that customers can by directly from Alibaba portal. Soon the services started to attract customers from all over the worlds and by October 1999 Company raised $5 Million from Goldman and $20 Million from Softbank.
In the history of the New York Stock Exchange Alibaba $150 billion IPO was the largest offering for a US listing Company and this make Jack MA richest man in China with an estimate worth of $25billion.  

Achievement and Accolades  

  • In 2004, Ma listed as “Top 10 Businessman Leaders of the Year” by China Central Television. 
  • In Sep 2005, World Economic Forum selected Jack Ma as a "Young Global Leader”.
  • In 2014, Ma ranked as 30th most powerful man in the world by Forbes.
  • In 2015, he got award ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ at Asian Awards.

Jack Ma Personal Life

He married Zhang Ying (Chinese: ), a teacher who he met at school, In one interview Zhang Ying told that He (Jack Ma) is not a handsome man but I feel for him because he can do lots of thing which handsome men cannot do. They have 2 Children (1 Daughter and 1 Son).

Net Worth

In 2015 Forbes estimate Jack’s Net Worth around $27 Billion. 


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