Signs you are in a toxic relationship

Hey, Girl!!

We accept the fact that every one of us wants a relationship where we feel complete with that special person. But not every time our wish is heard!!
Things can really go worse and you might tend to lose yourself and even forget to give priority to make yourself happy. 

We all need to feel protected, cherished, and glad in our relationship with that special person, Are we correct?? But sometimes the red signs in the relationship can ruin all those happy moments…. So, pay attention to those signs of a toxic relationship.

Empty promises
The thing like empty promises come to arise when things get changed in your relationship. Your partner generally goes out of promises which he once told you to do so, but at the end, it goes all in vain!!

Blame game
The base of any relationship is trust and if the trust is not there between the two souls, then being together is just waste of time because till then the blame game will come at its peak and you both will blame each other for every little thing which goes wrong and ultimately you lost that bond.

Communication problem
It’s human nature, whenever we feel disappointed we lost our temper and yell at another person. But every time we yell on another person without even listening to them can make things worse nothing else.
If there is no exchange of communication, then how can you solve the problem which is killing your relationship??

Puts you down
In a healthy relationship, both the individuals accept each other and work for the future. Notwithstanding, there is a colossal distinction between an accomplice who can call attention to your blemishes affectionately, a way that urges you to develop and encourages you for your good.
This is the biggest sign of a toxic relationship where your partner always tries to put you down no matter who’s fault was there..

No efforts
In a toxic relationship, you feel like the issue. He doesn't esteem your emotions or your needs. In case you're vexed, this is on the grounds that you're as well "delicate" or "passionate" or "unreasonable." He may state sorry, however, he doesn't generally claim up to anything and considers in the event that you have an issue with the relationship at that point it's quite recently that, your concern. He wouldn't like to discuss it or work on it or endeavor to change.

No peace
There is more drama than you expect… In the start of the relationship you always wished to be with the person with whom you feel complete and a better person. But with the each passing days your growing problem is affecting your relationship and your life has become an emotional roller coaster ride…
The point is if it is really taking away your peace is it really worth to be there??

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  1. Nice piece! Keep writing... :)

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  3. People who have experience in keeping their relationships stronger as they go through life are most likely to give good relationships advice.  what to talk to a girl about

  4. Toxic relationships are no good and recognising our values and worth is often a necessary step to get out of the poison...

  5. Ooooh gawd the empty promises...I can relate.

  6. WOW, that's of truth being dropped here. Not always easy to read it but true of course.

  7. In some cases, there is no one necessarily to blame for the toxicity; rather, the toxicity is caused by the inability to commune and establish healthy boundaries, conversations, and communication. Not all toxic relationships are caused by two unhealthy people. ... It is a slanted desire for a relationship.

  8. I have been in a toxic relationship. They are not good for you. Great writing!

  9. You might actually help somebody get free today with this great advice.

  10. Toxic relationships are bad for your mental health too. Good piece of writing.

  11. One of my friends was having problems in her relationship , I now realise it is a toxic one and it is better to pull out rather than keep trying to work at it .

  12. It's so unfortunate that some don't realize they are in such toxic relationships. This is a helpful piece for those looking for the signs!