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Things to do at Bangkok

Night Beauty of Thailand

Things to do at Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. This is the city with the highest population in the whole country. The city is well connected with all the major airports of the world and can be easily reached from any point in the world.
The Bangkok tourist attractions are many. There are palaces, gardens, temples, museums, piers, shopping center, etc. One can take Bangkok sightseeing tours to cover the places one wants to visit. The advantages of taking a tour are that all the top things to do in Bangkok are covered and nothing is left out; it also benefits cost-wise. 

Major Attractions

The best things to do in Bangkok are:

1. Visit the Grand Palace- This was the place where the King used to sit and rule the country about 150 years back. All the ministries were functioning from this place at that time. Now, it is open to tourists as a major attraction. In the middle of the Palace, the Central Court is situated where you can see the residence of the king. The tourists are allowed only to see two of the throne halls. 

2.  Temple of the Reclining Buddha – This Bangkok tourist attraction is a very well-known Buddhist temple. It is also known as Wat Pho. This is very near the Grand Palace and can be enjoyed on the same day with proper planning. The way Lord Buddha is reclining here is very rarely found in any other place. The craftsmanship is also of very high quality.

3. Wat Arun - A temple in Thailand is called “Wat”. This temple is for the Hindu God of Dawn. The temple is situated at the side of the Chao Phraya River. You can get the best view of the temple east side of the river at the time of sunset.

4. Wat Phra KaeoBangkok sightseeing tours include a visit to this temple, which has got an emerald Buddha. The idol has been carved out from a single piece of emerald. It is amazing to find such a huge emerald. The tourist can see the replica of Angkor Wat of Cambodia within this temple complex.

5. Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall- This used to be the reception hall at the Dusit Palace at Bangkok. It is a two storied hall with a large dome at the center. There are also six small domes. The hall has got wonderful paintings by Galileo Chini and Carlo Riguli covering the Chakri Dynasty. 

6. Madame Tussauds - This is one of the important places to visit in Thailand. This is the place where the wax models of different well known personalities are kept. These models have similarity with the actual human benefits whose replica has been made. You can take photographs with your favorite players, statesmen, artists, etc.

7. Art in Paradise- A visit here is one of the top things to do in Bangkok. It is a different type of interactive attraction situated at Esplanade Shopping Mall. It has got 3D Museum which the people of all ages can enjoy. The visitors can take part in different scenes like: stairway to hell, ride a flying carpet, coronation of the emperor, etc.

Bangkok is rightly called a “shoppers’ paradise”. “Shop till you drop” at these shopping centers feature as one of the best things to do in Bangkok for most of the visitors. The well known shopping centers are:

A) Siam Paragon at Siam - This is huge mall full of glass and steel. This place is frequented mainly by the stylish and rich tourists and locals. You would get high street fashion, technical gadgets of different types, materials for decoration of home and even exquisite sports cars of different ranges and countries. If you become tired from going around, you can relax and enjoy films in the 16 screen cineplex or you can visit the different cafes. There is also an aquarium called Siam Ocean World aquarium where you can see very rare species of sea fish and sea animals. 

B) CentralWorld, Siam - This is the shopping complex which offers the visitor an experience to remember for the whole life. This is the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok occupying a huge space with more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants and cafes in a huge modern food court. The visitors are also given the option of enjoying films from around the world in the 15 cinemas in the mall. There is a big kid zone to help the parents to keep the kids busy while they are busy in shopping like never before.  There are two very big departmental stores which can be called ‘anchor’. The visitor can shop variety of products from the famous brands from all around the world. It has shops selling designer clothes and also funky fashion clothes. The modern and latest gadgets from around the world are also there for the visitor purchase. The uniqueness of this place is that the place even has designer saloons to help you improve your looks, a number of banks to cater to your needs. You can get grocery items from all corners of the world; after spending a long time shopping, high class restaurants are there to serve you. If you are interested in ice skating, the mall has got an ice skating ring. If you are in need of furniture, you can buy here. It can easily be said that you can get anything and everything from around the world.

C) Bangkok Safari World Tour- This is one tour that no visitor can miss. This tour is one where you can roam around with different types of ferocious animals and take pictures. You can see herds of lion, tiger, giraffe, zebras, etc. When you are going around the forest, it would give a feeling of actually being in a wild jungle. There are some shows which are arranged on a regular basis for the enjoyment of the visitors. There are Orang Utan Boxing Show, Sea Lion Show, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show, Dolphin Show, Bird Show, etc.

“Outdoor activities”

1. Skydiving- As the airspace is not available at Bangkok for sky diving, visitors have to go out of the city. The diver can have a Tandem Sky Dive. From the aircraft, you take a jump together with your instructor and have a free fall with a speed of around 225 kilometers per hour. After coming down for some time, the parachute is opened.
2.  Wakeboarding- This can explained as waterskiing on a snowboard. This is also very enjoyable.
3. Rock climbing -The place at Urban Playground offers the visitor rock climbing opportunities for both the beginners and experienced climbers.
4. Surfing at Flow House- The place has got an artificial wave machine maker which gives you the enjoyment of surfing on the ocean.


Best time to visit

The weather during October to December is sunny and cool. The visitors consider this time to be ideal to visit Bangkok. 

Bonus tip

Most of the tourists, who go to Bangkok, go to Pattaya. One can take a flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok. The other option is to travel by bus. The places to visit in Pattaya on a short trip are: Coral Island, Pattaya Viewpoint, Floating Market, Tiffany Cabaret Show, and Walking Street.

 What are you waiting for? Grab flight tickets, book a tour and set off to wonderful Thailand!


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