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Guide to Indian Food Restaurant in Shenzhen , China

Guide to Indian Food Restaurant in Shenzhen , China 

1. Bollywood Café
Address: 2045 Renmin S Rd, RenMin NanLu, Luohu Qu,
Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518000

Bollywood Café situates in the heart of Luohu City. The ambiance is remarkable because you will feel Bollywood touch inside the restaurant even Menu Card is also printed in Bollywood Style.  They had given more focus on South Indian foods. Manager Mr. Yogi and his staff are very friendly and supportive.

RATING = 4/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)  

2. 1947
Address: enMin South Road 2010, FaZhan Mansion,
Shenzhen, China | Contact No: +8675523945565

This Restaurant is located opposite to Bollywood café, Restaurant ambiance is great, they are specialization in North Indian foods, its Food menu is almost like Indian menu with reasonable rates.

RATING = 4.5/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)

3. Indian Inn Restaurant
Address: Futian District, Hua Qiang Bei, Zhenxing Rd
No.122, Jin Mao Li Du Golden Building | ShenzhenContact No: +86 755 8332 7822

This Restaurant is located nearby electronics Market - Hua Qiang Bei and it’s a budget restaurant. The restaurant ambiance is Simple and its Foods quality is nice with a reasonable rate, they also play Bollywood Music. You must Try Chicken Tikka & Butter Milk.

RATING = 3.9/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)

4. Bombay
Address: 116 Sea World, Shenzhen, China

This Restaurant is located near Shekou Ferry Port, Restaurant ambiance is ok and about food quality is not much to be talked about so keep it optional if you really don’t find an option.

RATING = 3/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)

5. Taj Mahal
Address: No.115, Nashan Hotel, Seaworld, Shekou, Nanshan
Shenzhen, China

This Restaurant is again located near Shekou Ferry Port, ambiance is nice and this restaurant offers lots of Indian Snacks with high Quality and hygiene. Must Visit for having Lunch or Dinner and Staff are also too friendly.

RATING = 3.9/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)

6. Spice Circle
Address: Tian Jun Mansion, First Floor, Dougmen South Road
Luo Hu District, Next to Panglin Hote,
Shenzhen, China | Contact No: + +8613501574949

This restaurant is located the heart of Luo Hu near Bollywood Café & 1947, Ambience is very beautiful and most advanced among all hotel which I had mentioned above. Staff is really friendly and helpful there each and every dishes is really very much delicious, food rate is little high because of great maintain. They also have Branch in Shekou (Address: Taizi Road (Behind Taizi Hotel), SheKou, Shenzhen)

RATING = 4.6/5 (Based on Ambience | Food Quality | Staff Behaviors)

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