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6 Friendship movie every one should watch with their squad

6 Friendship movie everyone should watch with their squad

Everyone needs a friend who makes you laugh whenever you feel low, a partner that stands by aside with you in every phase of life. So here we have one type of movie that often doesn’t get much attention but there is a lot of friendship movie that celebrating friendship, so I have some bunch of good movies here that deserve to be seen. This bond can be between two people or two animals, a group of people because there is no language of friendship.
So, it’s time to call your friends and get ready with popcorns for a movie date  
So here are 10 beautiful friendship movies. 

The Shawshank Redemption


This is the best friendship movie with lots of suspense, an amazing storyline with the best dialogue. This movie is all about time, patience and loyalty

 The Perks of being a wallflower


This movie is a gift of every friend’s squad, the message given by this film is a very deep yet honest one which we all could relate.



Sometimes a movie comes along that dare to be different and Hugo is one of them. An extraordinary work to feed your mind.

Bucket List


Freeman and Nicolson, the two old men are unforgettable, one of the finest movies, a sweet movie about death and friendship



A movie with lots of emotions, witty, painful. Its showcase insecurities a woman faces after her bff is close to another person. A Must watch the movie

Bridge to Terabithia


The beautiful lesson in friendship for young and old. This movie is about two middle schoolers trade they're dull rural for a magical kingdom. You will find every emotion happy, sad, guilt. The finest movie.

Credits  JUHI SARAF   
(Content Writer)



  1. I have watched the perks of being a wallflower. I must say it's a very good movies.

  2. Hugo, bucket list, brides maids, all of my favorite movies. Can watch it umpteen times.

  3. I have gone through most of your articles and they are really interesting.


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