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7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Wife if you want to be the best husband of the year

Your wife is the most important person in your life. She is like a teacher, a mentor, a guide, but most of all she is your soul mate. She is the kind of person that she sometimes plays the role of your loving and tough mom. She is your best friend. She is always there, willing to listen and help if she can. A good and caring wife is like a blessing from God. So never be disrespectful to your wife. You should not hurt your wife.

Although it is not possible for you to prove yourself the best husband all the time a little caution can make your wife feel that she is the lucky one to have you in her life. So, be careful when you are talking to your wife. Seven things that you never tell your wife if you want to be the best husband of the year.

She looks better than you
Never judge or compare your wife's look to somebody else because she wants you to praise her. Never tell your wife to hit the gym. Here in Indian society women are born just to be judged whether she is fat or thin, fair and dark. So, be careful so that she doesn't suffer from an inferiority complex.

I don't have time for such silly things
Never say such things that you don't have enough time for chatting with her. Women believe in mental attachment more. Pay attention to what she tells you. Spend some quality time with her talking about health, work life etc.

Leave your job
Nowadays every woman in the world wants to be independent by financially. So always encourage her about her job and never say anything which can compel her to quit the profession.

Your parents don't know anything
Your wife's parents are the most important people in her life. She has left them just because of you. You should be very sensitive about your in-laws. Never say anything bad that might hurt your wife's emotion.

Why didn't you ask for help?
You are the prince charming in the eyes of your wife. She always wants you to protect her, rescue her from any trouble. She won't ask you for help. Rather she expects you to jump in helping her.

You are such a bad cook
Suppose today's dinner was so bland. So what are you going to say your wife?"You are such a bad cook that you couldn't prepare a simple dish like this". A big "NO" to this type of words. Instead, you should encourage her for better cooking skill in a constructive way.

You are responsible for the poor marks
Never Blame your wife for your child's poor marks in exams. Your wife tried her best for your child. Your wife is not solely responsible for the poor performance of your child in exams. Your harsh words make her feel very disappointed with everything leading her to a mental depression.

Your married life would be more beautiful and peaceful if you can avoid these faults.

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