Have you ever heard about ghost wedding, Yes it happens

YES, It happens. In 2016 a man was arrested for murdering two women with mental disabilities because he wanted to sell their corpses which to be used in so-called "ghost wedding". After that police started their investigation and a ghastly truth came forward. This shadowy ritual is still practiced in some parts of China. This custom is in practice for some 3000 years. Believers say this type of marriage happens just to make sure that the unmarried dead are not alone in the afterlife. The funeral plaque of the bride and the groom and a banquet are significant for the wedding ceremony. Digging up the bones of the bride and putting them inside the groom's grave are the key factors for this ghost wedding.

The ghost wedding is done to soothe the dejected and distressed minds of relatives, as finding a dead bride is something they can do for a son who died young while working hard for the family.

Many Chinese people have the strong belief misfortune will be brought upon them if the dead's wishes have not been fulfilled.  Arranging a ghost wedding is a means to appease the dead.
The basic notion behind ghost weddings is the belief in the afterlife. So if someone didn't get married when they lived, they still need to be wedded after their death.

Most cases of ghost wedding are found in northern and central China, areas such as Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces.  But Szeto Fat-ching, a feng shui master in Hong Kong, also reports that the  Chinese communities in South East Asia still have the involvement with this kind of ghastly ancient practices.

If a woman loses her life as a maiden, in Taiwan, a red packet with cash, paper money, a lock of hair, a fingernail is placed in an open area by her parents and they wait for a man to pick them up. The man who picks up the packet first is preferred as the groom and it is believed to be bad luck if he refuses to marry the ghost bride. The ghost wedding customs are not so different from each other, but unlike in mainland China, no bones are dug up.  Here the groom is often permitted to marry a living woman later, but his dead wife should be valued as the primary wife.

In 2015 a video clip of a ghost marriage became very popular on the internet from Taichung in Taiwan, where a man apparently " weds " his dead girlfriend in a grand wedding ceremony.

Ghost wedding is supposed to be the means for escaping from the bitter human experience and a form of emotional compensation for the bereaved family members.

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  1. This is creepy but fascinating

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    Every culture has their own tradition and beliefs .

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  5. Oh Lord, this in my opinion is deeply disturbing especially since people are murdered for this. Totally interesting though, I didn't know it was a thing.