Is it necessary to make a SEO friendly content in 2018 Web World ?

In today’s diverse and tough online business market, maintaining a prominent online presence and building customer loyalty has become a necessity for any online business. Sometime back no one imagined that there will be one more type of world which we could call a “WEB WORLD”. But these days’ people are becoming a vital part of this world.
Thus, nowadays everyone requires being familiar with the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for portraying their online presence. Every online business needs content describing all about that business. And in this content SEO plays a huge role in providing a high ranked place in this “WEB WORLD”.

If you want your business to reach top spots in search engines, the best way to do this is to create content based around specific keywords or targeted phrases. Following are the few steps to make your article search engine optimized and attain top ranking on all search engines.

 Keywords Selection

This is certainly the main step in making the article SEO friendly. SEO is mainly based on keywords and phrases. To make sure that the article always is displayed on the top, the keyword selection must be unique. With the unique keywords, your article on the website will be able to compete with other websites with similar content and help your page reach the first page of the search engines and hopefully also top positions. The keywords selected should have a higher volume, otherwise, there is no point in reaching the top positions in the search engines but having no relevant traffic. The relevant keywords, used correctly will help you achieve top positions while ensuring regular traffic

 Unique Text

Content is the fuel that drives the engine of search engine optimization. The best possible results can only be achieved if the content is unique, that is why it important to avoid copying text from other sources. Google has developed many advanced algorithms, which makes it very easy to detect plagiarism and take appropriate countermeasures in the form of dropping search engine rankings. The best way to avoid this is by creating original content using your own words, you should always check to see if parts of the articles are already present somewhere on the internet. For this purpose, you can use the software called
Copyscape or Google exact match service to find out if the article is plagiarised.

 Keyword Frequency

As the articles are generally written about a certain topic, the specific phrase is bound to repeat itself a few times in the text body. You also have to make sure that the keyword is not repeated too many times in the article. The best way to do this is to just write the article as you would without keeping the keywords in mind. The important thing to remember is that the density to be maintained for keywords is 6% and for specific key phrases is 3%.

Final Search Engine Optimisation

After following all the above steps, the article is almost ready to be published. There are certain tricks that you can use to make sure that the article is completely optimized. Just use bold, italic, etc to highlight the keywords a few times. Another way to highlight the text is to use header tags for titles and subtitles. The best possible alternative is to have the main keyword in the article title, enclosed in h1 header tag.

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