Top 5 romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend without getting overboard

Being loved is the most amazing feeling in the world for everyone of us and we consider them lucky who have found the love of their lives; it is a miracle indeed to find someone who can love you unconditionally and would go miles to keep you happy! However comforting love might sound to us the idea of proposing to our partners sends jitters through our body, and we often get cold feet about it. So guys who specifically get exceptionally nervous in such situations should take notes because in this article I am going to help you with ways to overcome your fear or your lousy techniques of proposing and guide you towards something enlightening and helpful!
There are several ways to make your girlfriend feel special about her ‘moment of truth’. I will list the top five ways here:-


While having casual conversations with your girlfriend you might have noticed that she speaks enthusiastically about a particular occasion might be her birthday, her parent’s anniversary, Valentine’s Day, your birthday or festivals like Christmas, Diwali etc. She might have a soft corner for any of these days and making a proposal on her favorite day would be a plus for sure. So guys open your ears and mind and listen to your girl to find out the best day to approach her and propose her on that special day!


Well I mentioned 'token of appreciation ‘and not gift because I feel that it sounds more like a bribe or a way to coerce someone but token of appreciation means you appreciate the fact that she adds so much love and affection into your life and stands by you in thick n thin which is why you want to appreciate her with a small token. It could conventionally be a diamond, or anything from flowers to chocolates depends on what your girl likes and appreciates more. But make sure you get one because let me tell you girls might deny it but they love such surprises! So present her the token and tell her why you want her in your life forever!


This is another way of proposing your girlfriend by taking her for an exotic vacation, or anything that she is aspiring to achieve like camping, scuba diving etc. and propose her by finding a nice moment perfect for you both. If she is an extrovert and has lots of friends you can plan some fun by inviting all her friends for a party in a restaurant or house and propose her before all her loved ones. It will blow her mind and she would love the proposal!


This is another way of making your girlfriend special you can propose her accidentally by putting a ring in her teacup or champagne glass while having dinner or just drop a ring in her breakfast, make sure she notices it.
She will be happily surprised by seeing it and will remember the proposal for life!


If you want it to be low key then you can just ask her simply in the presence of her family at a quiet dinner, the presence of family will make her feel comfortable and confident too. So if you both are shy and conventional people you can opt for this too.

There are many ways to say your girlfriend about your love and your future plans but most of the times it does not work out the way we want because guys tend to overdo things or get a tad bit too nervous which is why it fails. Try to keep things uncomplicated and please her with your personality and affection. It will surely work I’m your favor because as it is rightly said that ‘Love makes it own way' so will your love for sure!

Good luck!


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