Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Looking to date a Thai girl? Top 7 Thai Dating Apps you must try

There are several people of Thailand who are vexed with being online and finally taken a step forward to find a date. Although, there are several ways to find a perfect love, online dating apps in Thailand are popular for a huge number of users. Increase in the number of users also increased the fake apps with fake users all over Thailand but there are still some dating apps of Thailand 2018 which really works. We provide you the Top Free online dating apps that work faster and with more convenience and have a huge number of genuine users.

Dating Apps in Thailand that works
These dating apps are ranked based on their performance, a number of users and user convenience in Thailand.


Tinder is one of the most renowned apps in Thai Market and is also one of the best dating apps used in Thailand. Using the Tinder app is so common in Thailand that each and every person who is singles will have this app installed in their Smartphones like Facebook or WhatsApp. People of Thailand have become so free in the meet and greet in Tinder app that they use it simply by following simple steps to find a date any time. Anyways, if your intention is to find a perfect love in your life, tinder application will be the first preference of all other dating apps of Thailand 2018.


Paktor app is also one of the most successful dating apps in Thailand as well as Singapore. It has got millions of users and easy user interface to interact with their selection freely with more options and highly developed options when compared to Tinder.

Thai Friendly

This is also one of the most favorite dating apps of Thailand as it is free and has a number of users throughout Thailand. As there is a number of users, there will be more options to select over and meeting as many dates as possible. It is the ideal form of dating apps in Thailand.


Noon swoon is also considered as one of the famous dating apps in Thailand and its faster performance and security is the reason to get listed in Top 5 dating apps in Thailand. It is connected to FB where you need to provide personal data and the rest of a; will be taken care by Noon swoon providing new matches every day.


BeeTalk is also the most used dating app in Thailand although it is meant for communicating like voice calls and video calls. This app allows communicating with unknown persons nearby location and starting conversation with them. Meeting new persons and conversation with unknowns feature has made this application a regular used working dating app in Thailand.


OC is also one of the free dating apps of Thailand that works similar to Tinder but with some more advanced options. You can find new persons by doing an online search of random names and start a conversation with them. As using OkCupid is quite difficult to make fake accounts, you can find your date easily here when compared to Tinder.


Skout is the new dating app of 2018 but has gained popularity soon in Thailand. This application allows to find dates nearby your location accessing your present location and you can start calling or conversation with them through this app. You should have the contact details of the girl to find them on Skout.

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