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5 Way To Handle Office Politics Smartly And Positively

Handle and Conquer Office Politics

 No matter whether you are in the corporate sector or in government posts, office politics are a fact in every workplace for sure. Mainly in corporate sectors and small scale, private companies office politics are most frequent that can lead to some serious situations and consequences. However, there are ways to avoid office politics or survive office politics of co-workers.

Ways to survive corporate office politics

            It is quite difficult to recognize office politics but with some minor ideas or strategies, one can probably survive them or even prevent them. Some of them are

Maintain good relations with coworkers: It is quite obvious that office politics in any department starts with bad rumors or dislikes from colleagues. Better to be friendly to all colleagues and cubicles to get closer to them and to know what they do outside of the office. Attend weekend parties and also relax with them in leisure time to maintain closure relationship with colleagues. In case of any argument of other colleagues, being silent is much better but complaining or passing negative comments will surely lead to opposing talks that will lead to dirty office politics.

Be genuine and supportive: The best way to manage office politics is to be genuine in your works or else in situations where you have to talk to superiors regarding the works. Don’t complaint negatively about your colleagues in any way to be good before superiors, this will surely lead to best impression and will start the office politics. Being silent is also considered genuine when it comes to supporting your cubicles.

Don’t be overexcited: It is not necessary to change the whole system and procedures just for you and thus be sportive and try to adjust in every environment and situation. Try to merge in every condition and just being perfect in your works will be enough for both gaining confidences of the superiors and also in getting closure to colleagues. Try to help your colleagues in their works to get closer and avoid any kind of conflicts between other colleagues.

Be skilled in interaction: Don’t speak unnecessarily with anyone and gossips are deadly in offices about other persons. If gossips reach the person whom you are speaking about, then the rumors against you will start to spread with that bad impression. Get to know whom to speak about what topic and avoid people who are always talking bad about other persons and creating bad rumors in the office.

Be patient: Don’t get too speedy in conversations with colleagues and don’t give every information about you in the first meeting. Be patient until getting closer to their ideologies and then reveal your secrets and opinions according to their reactions about your opinions and ideas.  

Understanding office politics is quite a tough job to do when you are a part of that group but being genuine and sportive will blow up any conflicts leading politics of the office for sure.


  1. The active communication with colleagues is not always a good solution to any problems. The office policies require more in-depth analysis and action


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